Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rainbow Fish

This is one of my favorite looks I did. :)

Products Used:
-2 shades Purple Eyeshadow (darkest purple on the corners of the temple, lightest in the center of the forehead)
-3 shades of Blue Eyeshadow ( " )
-3 shades of Green Eyeshadow ( " )
-Yellow Eyeshadow
-Orange Eyeshadow
-Red Eyeshadow
-Black Gel or Cake Liner
-Purple Lipstick (I put a Shimmery and Iridescent Blue Eyeshadow in the Center of my lips)
I used the Black liner to draw some random scales on different parts of my face, and then I filled in certain scales with the darker version of the shadows. For my Eyes i Just used the Black Cake Liner and then Drew some fake lashes.


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